You Can Now Watch The Halo Show For Free On YouTube

Nearly a year after its debut on Paramount+, Halo Season 1 can now be watched for free on YouTube. This means you can now see the Master Chief caked up for free.

The Paramount+ YouTube channel silently released a full HD playlist of all nine episodes. In the video description of every episode, you can find an ad for the streaming service that reads “Stream every episode of Halo on Paramount+” and even a link for a free trial.

The Halo show has been a hot topic in the Halo community since its release. But despite its divisiveness amongst the fans, the show has done well for the streaming service. Just a few days after it premiered, the Halo show set a new record for the most-watched series premiere within its first 24 hours on Paramount+. In addition to setting a new record, Paramount had announced that the show would be getting a second season one month before it debuted.

Be sure to check out our Halo review, where Chris E. Hayner wrote, “Halo is a show that shouldn’t work, in the grand scheme of things. After over seven years of development–including showrunner, director, and network changes–it’s actually surprising that it exists at all. Thankfully, it does, though.”

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