Wikipedia Is Wrong, Avatar 3 Is Not Called The Seed Bearer

After more than a decade, Avatar fans finally got their second dose of the blockbuster franchise with last year’s Way of Water. James Cameron revealed last month that he’s knee-deep in the “very hectic” post-production of the third Avatar feature, which may not have a final title as previously reported.

Neither the Oscar-winning director nor Disney is ready to announce the title for Avatar 3, but it sounds like they’re dropping Seed Bearer as its subtitle as well as the names that were previously reported to be attached like the Tulkin Rider and the Quest for Eywa.

Speaking to ComicBook, Avatar franchise producer Jon Landau confirmed the names were never final at the time of the announcement.

“I’m qualified to tell you that that is not the title for Avatar 3,” Landau said at an Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora video game event. “That’s what my Wikipedia page says? That is getting changed tonight!”

Even a year after the title reveals, Cameron told Entertainment Tonight back in 2019 that they were placeholders of sorts. “I can neither confirm nor deny–alright, here’s what I’ll tell ya: Those titles are among titles that are in consideration. And no final decisions have been made yet.”

Disney isn’t likely to give up on the Avatar franchise anytime soon, so while Avatar 3, 4, and 5 remain nameless, it’s been reported that Cameron is working on the films as he originally planned, even if they take fans to the next decade.

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