The Best Affordable Birkenstock-Style Sandals, All Under $35

What’s not to love about a classic Birkenstock sandal? They’re comfortable, effortless, casual and versatile. They’re so iconic that even high-end designers knock off the famous Birks design, putting their own spin on the classic at wild markups.

But Birkenstocks themselves are often on the pricey side, making them less accessible to those looking for more affordable alternatives. Luckily, the simple silhouette has been manufactured by many brands, so there are loads of different slides and sandals that perfectly channel that Birkenstock vibe at a fraction of the cost.

These lookalikes have everything you love about Birkenstocks, capturing the aesthetic and feel of some of their most popular styles. Most importantly, they also provide the same comfort and foot support — a must, given that podiatrists recommend Birkenstocks as ideal comfortable walking sandals.

Consider the shoes below perfect for all your summer ensembles. Best of all, they’re designed to support your body to eliminate foot and ankle pain. Finding a supportive sandal that is also cute is not easy, but these get the job done, whether you need a pair for your next beach vacation or plan to get your steps in and do some serious walking. Best of all, they’re all under $35.

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