Prime Video’s Fallout TV Show Trailer Takes You Into The Wasteland

Are you ready to head back into the wasteland? Finally, the first trailer from Amazon Prime Video’s live-action adaptation of the Fallout video game franchise has arrived, showing us exactly what to expect when the series debuts early next year. Based on these two-and-a-half minutes, fans of the games are going to feel very at home.

The trailer introduces viewers to Lucy (Ella Purnell), a vault-dweller born and raised inside of Vault 33, located somewhere in California. She’s never experienced the wasteland before–or really seen what the outside world looks like at all. That is, until she ventures out to begin her adventure.

Lucy is one of three main characters in the series. The trailer also introduces Maximus (Aaron Moten), a member of the Brotherhood of Steel faction from throughout the games. Lastly, we meet The Ghoul (Walton Goggins). He was alive before the nuclear bombs destroyed the United States and has managed to survive the 200 years since, becoming an iconic bounty hunter. You won’t just see him as The Ghoul though. The trailer also shows his life as Cooper Howard before the world came to an end, and just how different the United States of America was, compared to our real world.

Speaking to GameSpot during a roundtable interview, showrunner Jonathan Nolan elaborated on exploring Fallout’s version of America before and after the bombs fell.

“The world of America in the games is that exceptional America, the kind of Eisenhower era of America that never had a Watergate, never had a Vietnam, never had a Woodstock,” he explained. “It never had a conversation with itself about its own sins and transgressions and just kind of blustered forward through another American century–another 100 years of this swagger in America that then comes to a grisly end.”

Still, while anyone who’s played the Fallout games knows that the world, pre-bombs, is seemingly stuck in permanent 1940s mode, there are some very clear lines Nolan and the show’s creative team are able to draw. That, of course, included the Brotherhood of Steel, a self-appointed paramilitary group that essentially sees themselves as the rule of law in the wasteland, though plenty of people would disagree with that.

“When we meet them, we don’t know if [the Brotherhood of Steel is] good or bad, and that’s one of the things that Aaron’s character is exploring,” Nolan says of Maximus.

Fallout arrives on Prime Video on April 24.

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