Divorce Lawyers in South Korea

IPG Legal attorneys handled divorces, child custody, Hague child abduction cases, and asset division cases for foreigners residing in Korea and abroad for over two decades.

IPG is one of the most experienced law firms working with expats in Korea and we are the go-to choice for U.S. and European Family Law Attorneys wishing to work on custody, Hague child abduction, asset division, and divorce issues internationally with respected counsel in Korea.

Our firm is one of the only firms, in Korea, that works on divorce, child custody, Hague Abduction, and asset division cases with retired senior Korean court judges and former “big law” international law firm attorneys. We are the first choice of clients realizing that experience, reputation, and strategy-based advocacy are essential to success in Korean Divorce and Family Law Case.

For an article on obtaining a divorce for foreigners in Korea, please see: Getting a Divorce in Korea.

For an article on Korean Child Abduction please see: Korean Child Abduction under Hague Child Abduction Convention. 

If you want to know more about Divorce in South Korea, you may schedule a No-Charge Initial Consultation with an Attorney at: Please Schedule a Call with an Attorney.

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