ClearMotion Partners with Nio for High-Tech Suspension in ET9 Luxury Sedan, Rivals Porsche Panamera

Last Updated: December 25, 2023, 15:32 IST

ClearMotion Partners with Nio for High-Tech Suspension in ET9 Luxury Sedan.

Nio partners with ClearMotion for advanced suspension in ET9 sedan, reducing in-car motion by 75%. ClearMotion eyes global expansion in EV market revolution.

U.S. startup ClearMotion has joined forces with Chinese EV maker Nio to provide  suspension tech for the upcoming ET9.

The contract seals a deal for 750,000 cars throughout the luxury sedan’s lifespan, as revealed by both companies on Saturday.

Scheduled for launch on the same day, the ET9 is set to hit production floors by late 2024. ClearMotion’s founder and chief technology officer, Zack Anderson, explained to Reuters that their ClearMotion1 suspension system incorporates both hardware and software.

Each wheel well houses a small unit, comprising a motor and power electronics. This setup, combined with advanced software, anticipates road conditions ahead, significantly reducing in-car motion by approximately 75 percent compared to current market-leading tech.

Anderson emphasized the system’s ability to swiftly analyze sensor data, foresee road conditions, and mitigate chassis impact. ClearMotion is actively engaging with various automakers across Europe and America, with plans to reveal another customer in the coming year. The company already operates a factory in China and eyes establishing more production facilities near its clientele.

Addressing the issue of motion sickness, Anderson highlighted the technology’s potential to alleviate discomfort for passengers trying to work while traveling. Initially targeting luxury vehicles, automakers aim to leverage this technology to distinguish their new EVs. ClearMotion anticipates a strong impact on improving passenger experience through motion control.

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