Astrologer shares biggest piece for advice for each zodiac sign

Everyone faces their obstacles and challenges in life but handle difficulties differently depending on their own outlooks and traits.

Jessica Adams offered some words of advice to Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius as they journey through life. The expert astrologer encouraged Libra (September 23 – October 23) to take a look at their relationships.

She said: “Libra, there are two sides to every story and you will be in one or more partnerships over the course of your life which ask you to balance the scales.

“Libra, you also have Venus the goddess of love ruling your zone of sexual and financial relationships. Marriage and mortgage is typical. So is separation and divorce settlements.

“Venus was and is associated with sexual passion in astrology. She also happens to be your own ruler. If it’s ever time to shed the mortgage, the bank and the marriage you do it your way.

“Freedom and independence are very important to you in all your partnerships and married Librans can invent a commitment to suit that.”

Jessica urged Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) to look inwardly and assess. You are in control. She said: “Your world is full of dreams and they run from fantastic daydreams of wealth and success, to bad dreams of people or situations which repel you.

“It’s like Doctor Who. Many worlds. Many universes. Is anything actually there? Well, Scorpio, the short answer is no. It’s all in your head. The planet Neptune makes a trine to your sign. Neptune shows that only you can make something come true.

“If you want wealth or a fabulous home, then you have to make it so. The good news is, you can also banish who or what haunts you, or situations and organisations you find toxic. It’s all in your head, after all.

“Pluto, your ruler, suggests that if you control your thoughts, you control just about everything else. Including what you are projecting or reflecting.”

According to Jessica, Sagittarius’ (November 22 – December 21) can be a little chaotic and unpredictable at times. “Sagittarius, throughout your life your work, lifestyle, service and duty to others is the setting for dramatic change.

“The pecking order in your job, at the university or with your voluntary role never stands still. It stretches into life at home, if you don’t work outside it, and the question of who or what is at the top.

“You can expect things to always happen very quickly. Sometimes you will take the top position or top job. At other times, another person will suddenly end up becoming the boss, for example, or the leader.

“Whenever this happens the group around the situation has to reorganise itself. Sometimes you will be in that group; at other times you’ll be the winner.”

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