9/10 open-world RPG is Diablo 4 with cats and it’s free for 24 hours

Cat Quest is the Epic Games Store’s latest free game, an adorable open world action adventure which sees your feline protagonist rescuing their catnapped sister. And if you can handle all the cat puns, it’s yours to keep if you claim it within the next 24 hours.

Is there anything that can’t be improved by replacing the main character with a cat? Jason Pawhees, Derek Mewlander, Mogzilla, the list goes on. Open-world game Cat Quest does the right thing and casts you as an angry but adorable moggy. Like a furry Dominic Toretto, you fight through monsters, above and below ground all in the name of family.

But instead of being a straight up dungeon crawl, it takes the Diablo 4-style approach of letting you roam free, ducking into dungeons to dish out some feline damage. You interact with a range of other moggy characters, including just the cutest little cat who has their hat pulled down over their eyes. Altogether now.. “Awwwww.”

Speaking of hats, you can dress your own moggy avatar up in a variety of outfits, tailing their loadout and equipping them with everything from chainmail to a wizard’s hat. And unlike Diablo, you don’t have to worry about an update nerfing your brave kitty’s abilities.

Cat Quest is rated ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ on Steam and it’s spawned a sequel with a third game set for a 2024 release. So given that it’s free on the EGS, you’ve no excuse not to pick it up.

Once you get your copy it’s yours to keep, though you’ve got less than 24 hours to grab it. Head over to the Epic Games Store, create an account if you’ve not got one, and claim Cat Quest for free. If you’re after another Diablo-style experience, here are the best games like Diablo. Or for another indie gem, there are the best indie games.

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