WoW Cataclysm Classic roadmap revealed, beta signups now live

World of Warcraft has both its retail version and nostalgia-inducing Classic version to offer players, making it easy for longtime fans to relive their wildest raid memories and newer players to hop into a tailored, less overwhelming experience. While Blizzard prepares for the big release of retail WoW’s three-part storyline, the Worldsoul Saga, it’s also working on its exciting recreation of 2010 expansion Cataclysm for WoW Classic.

With the developer’s latest World of Warcraft Classic roadmap, we know that beta access for Cataclysm arrives late this winter, and near the early spring. We can now sign up for the new and improved MMO expansion’s beta, which allows us the possibility to gain early access to Cataclysm. In this pre-release period, we may get to explore upcoming content like the campaign story as well as the fresh dungeons, raids, PvP mode, and the added spooky zone, Darkmoon Island.

“Opt-in for a chance to beta test Cataclysm Classic before it’s released,” a message on the official WoW website reads. Sadly this doesn’t mean you can get in-game early. Just as the word ‘chance’ implies, “Signing up for alpha or beta testing does not guarantee access to the alpha or beta.” On the other hand, it simply offers you the opportunity to put your foot in the door and express your interest.

For those of us who don’t make it in, all hope isn’t lost. There are other pieces of coming content to look forward to. The Season of Discovery and its chaotic class-building draw near, as well as the new mode’s own PvE and PvP content. We’ve also got the Ruby Sanctum Raid from Wrath of the Lich King dropping early next year, as infamous as it’s original counterpart may be.

The roadmap also details Cataclysm’s big pre-patch event coming later this spring, with the addition of Worgen and Goblins, improved guild features, and the long-awaited Transmog system. The post-Cataclysm period is nothing to scoff at either, with more updates to the expansion and extra additions to Classic’s endgame content.

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