What Next?! Edtech Predictions for 2024

Through December, the editors at eSchoolNews will be collecting, reporting, and sharing the bold, provocative, and even dare we say, audacious predictions of edtech experts. Want to join in the fun? It’s as easy as sending us a voice or video recording, or even just a comment on our LinkedIn page. We’ll be selecting the best for our annual prediction post!

The predictor: Noel Loughrin, Strategic Solutions Manager at Laserfiche

Click below to hear Noel’s predictions in context:

The predictions:

  • There has been a growing interest in ecological validation within higher education. In 2024, institutions will explore technologies that offer solutions enabling them to deliver coordinated, connected efforts that help students succeed. In the realm of K-12 education, there is a growing demand for digitization and centralization of records, which allows schools and teachers to access and secure vital records.
  • Digital Transformation will continue to play a significant role in supporting students, granting them unprecedented access to staff and information. This increased access will empower staff to identify trends and develop tailored approaches for individuals, while students will benefit from enhanced transparency and access.  
  • In 2024, generative AI will continue to revolutionize higher education institutions by creating a more connected and intelligent campus. AI can and will be used as an assistant, aiding staff, colleges and universities in locating essential information and aggregating data for comprehensive reports and insights. Moreover, AI can be leveraged to create more personalized experiences for students by quickly assessing their records and forecasting trends, enabling more informed advice and support. What was once a one-size-fits-all approach can now be easily transformed into an individualized approach, yielding more successful outcomes for students.

“Supporting the whole student in K12 is a pretty big trend, and I do think technology has a huge benefit there because technology can help you manage that entire student life cycle from cradle to employment.”

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