The Future is Now with edeXa Business Blockchain: Seamless Integration, Endless Innovation

Numerous companies are leveraging blockchain technology for diverse purposes, leading to a positive transformation worldwide. Functioning as a distributed ledger, blockchain ensures secure and transparent information exchange. It organizes data into interconnected blocks, forming an immutable transaction record chain. This revolutionary technology has significantly impacted various industries, fostering trust, efficiency, and traceability.

However, not all blockchains are created equal. Some prove to be too sluggish or excessively costly for the dynamic needs of businesses. Recognizing this gap, edeXa Business Blockchain was born, with a mission to revolutionize the business landscape. By covering and innovating new ways, edeXa sets out to provide a robust, secure, and energy-efficient ecosystem.

About edeXa Business Blockchain

A pioneering blockchain company based in Liechtenstein. Founded in Vaduz in late 2018. edeXa has built a revolutionary blockchain UNIVERSE, featuring a hybrid ecosystem that combines permissioned and public blockchains. This universe is specifically designed to cater to developers, companies, and organizations, making blockchain technology incredibly EASY TO USE! 

edeXa has its token, EDX, which is used as a reward, fee, governance and benefit token. edeXa, at the forefront of blockchain tech, is gearing up for significant milestones. Public presale kicks off in December, inviting investors and visionaries to be part of the journey. The mainnet launch is on the horizon, slated for Q1-Q2 2024.

Use Cases of edeXa Business Blockchain

edeXa Business Blockchain is a solution that handles the real needs and challenges of businesses. By leveraging blockchain technology, edeXa aims to replace central intermediaries with direct communication. Below, you can check details for some of the use cases that edeXa Business Blockchain can enable:

  1. Supply Chain Management

edeXa Business Blockchain helps companies optimize their supply chain processes. It provides real-time visibility, traceability, and accountability of goods and services. edeXa Business Blockchain is already being tested by around 15,000 companies that are prepared to leverage the edeXa blockchain on the supply chain.

  1. Smart Contracts

edeXa Business Blockchain helps businesses create smart contracts. They are self-enforcing agreements written in code and executed by the blockchain. edeXa Business Blockchain can reduce the costs, risks, and delays of contract execution and enforcement.

  1. Invoice Financing

edeXa Business Blockchain allows companies access liquidity and financing by tokenizing their invoices. It offers them to investors in a decentralized marketplace. edeXa Business Blockchain also ensures the validity and security of the invoices, as well as the transparency of the transactions. edeXa Business Blockchain lowers the barriers and costs of invoice financing.

  1. Digital Certificates

edeXa Business Blockchain helps businesses and public authorities issue and verify digital certificates. It is done for various purposes, such as education, health, identity, and more. edeXa Business Blockchain ensures the authenticity and integrity of the certificates. 

  1. Asset Management

edeXa Business Blockchain helps businesses manage their assets, such as equipment, vehicles, and inventory. They provide a digital representation of the assets on the blockchain. edeXa Business Blockchain also enables the ownership, transfer, and maintenance of assets. 

Benefits of using edeXa Business Blockchain 


edeXa Business Blockchain offers the following benefits to businesses:

  1. Easy Scalability

edeXa Business Blockchain effortlessly scales with each new application and business model within a trustnet consortium thanks to the technology of edeXa Masterchannels.. Developers, Businesses or organizations can create their own blockchain organizations, introducing unique ecosystems to the market for streamlined scalability.

  1. Performance Made for Business

The Universe ecosystem is optimized for business performance, adept at processing thousands of transactions per second. Specifically crafted for private use, it ensures the seamless execution of secure and reliable business processes. The platform excels in supporting dependencies and sequences between processes, making it an ideal solution for businesses seeking streamlined and trustworthy operations.

  1. Strong Interoperability

There is a cross-blockchain between the edeXa Business Blockchain and existing public blockchains, such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. It allows a unique combination of business processes, such as automation and crypto payments.

  1. High Security

edeXa uses a permissioned blockchain framework as the core layer. It means that only trusted entities can participate in the network. Also, it reduces the risk of unauthorized access and malicious attacks on the data. edeXa uses performance best practices that optimize the use of privacy features, such as EEA-compliant privacy and edeXa-extended privacy. edeXa also incorporates hyperledger modules for managing the encryption, decryption, and distribution of private transactions.

  1. Decentralized Identities

edeXa Business Blockchain enables cross-network identification of persons, machines, organizations, and IoT devices. All systems get a unique identifier to be on the blockchain. Each entity is assigned a unique identifier on the blockchain, allowing for seamless interactions and data sharing. edeXa Business Blockchain adheres to strict data protection regulations and leverages the robust security measures frameworks to safeguard user privacy and trust.

Tokenization Engine on edeXa Business Blockchain

edeXa’s versatile tokenization engine empowers users to leverage its native SDKs for deploying assets , adhering to ERC20 and ERC721 standards. including art, real estate, business assets, personal identity, property rights, and far beyond. edeXa’s robust tokenization engine not only ensures adherence to standards but also enhances the platform’s flexibility, ushering in a new era of asset management and democratization.

About edeXa Token 

In the dynamic world of blockchain technology, EDX tokens serve as a versatile tool for businesses, enabling them to navigate the edeXa ecosystem with greater ease and efficiency. Let’s delve into the multifaceted benefits of EDX tokens:

  1. Premium Services at Your Fingertips:
    Elevate your business operations with EDX tokens, granting access to premium services within edeXa’s subscription plans. Harness the power of advanced Dapp tools, gain insightful marketing data, or tailor your solutions with customized whitelabel solutions.
  1. Seamless Transactions, Secure Payments:
    EDX tokens streamline transactions conducted within the edeXa ecosystem. Whether you’re paying for the use of your private ecosystem or facilitating other value transfers, EDX tokens ensure seamless and secure payments.
  1. Rewarding Loyalty, Fostering Partnerships:
    Recognize the contributions of loyal customers and partners through EDX token rewards. Incentivize continued engagement and collaboration within the edeXa ecosystem, strengthening your network and fostering long-lasting partnerships.
  2. Prime Dapps Marketplace Access:
    EDX tokens unlock the Prime Dapps Marketplace, a gateway to launch and publish your own decentralized applications (Dapps). Reach a wider audience, enhance your product offerings, and revolutionize your business operations by leveraging the power of blockchain technology.

edeXa Token Public Sale Starts in December 

The sale of edeXa tokens will take place on the edeXa platform in IDO (Initial DEX Offering) format. 1% of the total EDX token supply – 100 million tokens – will be available to users. Powered by multichain technology connecting Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum, introduces EDX with three phases featuring appealing pricing and bonuses.

  • Phase one: 20 Million EDX tokens. Starting price of $0.04. 
  • Phase two: 30 Million EDX tokens. Price of $0.045
  • Phase three: 50 Million EDX tokens. Price of $0.05

Investing in EDX tokens during the Presale phase is a great opportunity for all users. You will be able to buy tokens now at a minimum price to make a great profit in the future. The interest and demand from the crypto/business industry for the edeXa project will only grow, which will influence the token price increase. In addition, edeXa token holders have good bonuses when dealing with internal blockchain products (e.g. reduced commissions and other rewards). If you decide to buy EDX token now – it will definitely be a profitable investment and will bring good results for your investment portfolio in the future. 

How to Purchase EDX Across Multiple Chains?

To acquire the edeXa token, users should possess a MetaMask wallet and respective tokens for gas fees on Matic (MATIC), Binance Smart Chain (BNB), Ethereum (ETH), or US Dollar Tether (USDT). Follow these straightforward steps to engage in the edeXa token sale.
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Joining edeXa ecosystem

Explore the edeXa Network:

Join us to:

– Understand the project on the edeXa website.
– Acquire EDX tokens to join the edeXa network.
– Utilize the user-friendly edeXa wallet for secure EDX transactions.
– Enhance business processes with trust, transparency, and security through edeXa’s DApps.
– Connect with the vibrant edeXa community on Discord, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Medium. Participate in discussions, events, contests, and giveaways regularly organized by edeXa.


edeXa hybrid Blockchain approach, combining permissioned and public blockchain elements, opens up entirely new solutions for developers, companies and authorities. Join us in investing in the future of blockchain technology with edeXa.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join the edeXa, making blockchain technology incredibly EASY TO USE!

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