The Finals release date window, gameplay, and latest news

What is The Finals release date? There’s something special about game shows, and game shows with high stakes are always the most compelling to watch. Well, it doesn’t get more high stakes than this. The Finals captures the feeling of being on the verge of winning large sums of cash, except instead of answering boring trivia questions, you get to turn other contestants into dust with an array of high-tech weaponry.

In this free PC game, players enter The Finals as a contestant ready to pummel other players into the ground. The environment in the FPS game is completely destructible, opening up a host of strategies to use against rival squads. Judging by the popularity of The Finals beta, this game looks like it’s going to become one of the hottest upcoming PC games. Here’s what we know about The Finals release date so far, including information about the gameplay, battle pass, and more.

The Finals release date window

The Finals release date was December 7, 2023. This was announced during The Game Awards, where the game’s director informed players that Season 1 is available to play now.

Our former release date window came from Nexon’s Q3 2023 investor presentation published on November 9, 2023. Nexon has revealed game announcements at Geoff Keighley’s events in the past, so we anticipated hearing the release date for The Finals at this year’s The Game Awards, but perhaps not such an imminent drop.

The Finals gameplay

The Finals pits 9-12 players together in one arena to fight for massive sums of money, more specifically $20,000 in Quick Cash and $40,000 in Bank It. The former game mode features just nine players, whereas the latter bumps the player count up to 12. Players are divided into teams of three, so it’s worth assembling a squad of friends to give yourself a better chance at winning.

Each map is stocked with golden boxes, also known as Vaults. These boxes can’t be opened in the middle of combat, instead, you must bring them to specific extraction points to deposit the money into your account. Be warned, there’s a timer on each extraction point, allowing rival teams to swoop in and claim the money before the timer ends. As soon as you try to use an extraction point, every other team receives an alert to tell them what you’re up to. Be prepared to protect your extraction point to ensure the money lands in your bank account.

Both game modes feature unlimited respawns, and it’s possible to revive downed players if you catch them before they bleed out. If your entire squad gets killed, you may have to wait up to 30 seconds before you’re able to respawn again. Keep an eye out for the best The Finals weapons to gun down anyone who stands in your way.

The Finals builds and loadouts

Before jumping into a match, you’re tasked with creating a build and loadout. Each build features a unique specialization and gadgets, so you’re going to want to strategize with your squad to ensure your abilities synergize with each other.

Depending on your play style, it’s worth experimenting with The Finals classes to see what type of build gives your team the biggest advantage on the battlefield. While players have the option to pick between three types of build, it’s the specializations and gadgets that make the largest impact during combat.

As always, we have the best The finals loadouts here so you don’t have to faff with builds if you don’t want to.

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The Finals battle pass and contracts

The beta of The Finals included a short battle pass that only went up to level 16. We’re going to take an educated guess and assume a longer battle pass will be available when the full game launches.

Here are some of the items you can expect from The Finals battle pass:

  • Weapon skins
  • Weapon charms
  • Stickers
  • Sprays

To earn the battle pass items, you need to complete daily, weekly, and seasonal contracts for experience points. During the beta, there were six daily contracts alongside three bonus contracts.

Here are some examples of The Finals contracts:

  • Blaze Baringer: Damage an opponent with fire (500 XP)
  • Daily Decimator: Deal 3,500 damage to opponents (500 XP)
  • Treasury Team: Complete five successful cashouts with your team (500 XP)

That’s all there is to know about The Finals release date journey – so hop in at your earliest convenience. Until then, why not take a look at The Finals system requirements to see if your machine can handle this multiplayer game. We also have a The Finals crossplay guide if you’re wondering if you can team up with your console mates.

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