The Casting of Frank Stone release date estimate, trailers, and story

When is the The Casting of Frank Stone release date? A new horror game based in the world of Dead by Daylight is in the works by Supermassive Games. If the developer’s previous cinematic game experiences like The Quarry and the Dark Pictures anthology are anything to go by, we can’t think of anyone better to bring the DBD universe to a new genre.

We’ve had a dating sim, Hooked on You, the mobile iteration of DBD, which seems to getting more features than the main game at this point, and another multiplayer game is in the works. If there’s one thing the Dead by Daylight universe is sorely missing though, it’s a single-player horror game. Luckily, that’s where The Casting of Frank Stone comes in, and it looks set to be an incredible, immersive, and intense horror experience for existing fans of DBD and, thanks to its all-new characters and setting, those unfamiliar with the asymmetrical game, too. Here’s everything we know so far about Supermassive’s “cinematic experience” and the window for a The Casting of Frank Stone release date.

The Casting of Frank Stone release date estimate

The Casting of Frank Stone release date is set for 2024. While it wasn’t named, the production of the game was first revealed back in May, 2023, during the Dead by Daylight 7th anniversary broadcast, and you can uncover the 2024 release date window by completing a point-and-click puzzle on the game’s official website.

From what we know at this point, Supermassive Games isn’t working on any other new games, certainly nothing that has been announced yet, and the horror developer tends to release at least one new game a year. The last Supermassive game was Switchback VR, part of the Dark Pictures anthology, released back in March 2024. In the last few years, Supermassive has not gone more than about eight months without a new game launch, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see The Casting of Frank Stone released in the first half of 2024.

During the Dead by Daylight 7th anniversary broadcast, two new games were announced to be taking place in the DBD universe: The Casting of Frank Stone and a multiplayer game from Midwinter Entertainment, the creators of the sadly ill-fated Scavengers. At the time, Midwinter confirmed that its game was “still in the very early stages”, so, with the information we have so far, it wouldn’t be too remiss to assume that, following The Casting of Frank Stone in 2024, the Midwinter game will follow in 2025.

A DBD generator seen in the Cdear Hills steelworks, where The Casting of Frank Stone takes place.

The Casting of Frank Stone story and universe

So far, we don’t know very much about The Casting of Frank Stone, other than that the game is set inside of the Dead by Daylight omniverse, but outside the Entity’s realms. Frank Stone himself is a dangerous individual with a dark past, and has committed some violent crimes in the small town of Cedar Hills. In the first trailer, which you can see below, four young people seem to stumble across Frank’s work space inside Cedar Steel. Based on the likes of The Quarry, another Supermassive game, presumably these four teens are the game’s protagonists, but this has not been confirmed.

By participating in a point-and-click ‘investigation’ on the game’s website, you can gain some insight into Frank’s activities, as you look around his workbench. News clippings, bloodied tools, and a picture of the town’s steelworks make up part of the picture, but we still don’t know how they fit into the single-player game’s story. The official The Casting of Frank Stone Steam page gives us a few more hints as to what to expect. In true Supermassive style, your choices in The Casting of Frank Stone will affect the outcome of your story, and we’re also promised “spine-chilling twists” and “emotional gut-punches”.

It’s too early to say for sure, but given that the game take’s place in the DBD universe, and outside of the Entity’s realm, we can assume that the events of The Casting of Frank Stone take place before Frank or his victims come into contact with The Fog. For anyone unfamiliar with DBD lore, The Fog is how killers and survivors are transported into the Dead by Daylight universe. Following their harrowing stories, they all find themselves engulfed in a dark fog before waking up in their own realm. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched, then, to assume that ‘The Welder’ Frank and his victims may become Dead by Daylight characters in their own Cedar Hills realm to complete the integration of the two games – Cedar Hill Steel would make for a pretty cool map. There’s even a distinctive DBD generator featured in the image above.

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The Casting of Frank Stone trailers

The first trailer for The Casting of Frank Stone was revealed during The Game Awards 2023. The trailer starts with distant screams soundtracking a slow focus into a modified welding helmet and Frank Stone himself sitting at his workbench, toying with his tools, as an unknown voice says, “Whatever’s down there, it’s too dangerous.”

As the trailer progresses, the aptly-named Daylight by David Kushner begins to play, a haunting, piano-led track, which not only provides some insight into the atmosphere of the game, but perhaps the story as well. The song’s lyrics are from the point of view of someone repentant for their actions, as Kushner sings about “trying to wash away all the blood I’ve spilled”.

Four teenagers are then seen entering a tunnel, which we assume leads to the depths of the Cedar Hills steelworks, to which the initial voice line refers and where Frank Stone works, and perhaps even resides. Frank, wearing his altered welder’s helmet, is then seen standing ominously at the end of the tunnel as the music crescendos, thunder cracks, and more screams are heard. This dark and emotional trailer echoes what we already know of the types of cinematic stories that Supermassive Games produces.

While we’re still waiting on more information about The Casting of Frank Stone, the tantalizing snippets we’ve seen so far certainly have us looking forward to the game’s release date. To be honest, we’re not sure we can stand the wait, especially with so many other incredible upcoming games on the horizon, but at least there’s plenty of new PC games to keep us going, and if you’re a DBD fan, or want to give it a try ahead of The Casting of Frank Stone, make sure you check out our DBD killer tier list to find out who else The Entity has engulfed in The Fog.

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