The Best Pasta Recipes – Closet Cooking

A collection of the best pasta recipes! Quick and easy pasta meals from simple noodle dishes topped with sauce, to soups, salads, lasagnas using all sorts of pastas shapes like macaroni, linguine, penne and many more!

Pasta has to be one of my favourite go to meals! It’s so easy just to toss a few simple ingredients together with pasta for a quick and tasty meal and it’s versatile enough to be used in everything from soups to salads to casseroles and lets not forget, simply with a tasty sauce! I have been making a lot of pasta lately so I thought that I would take some of the best pasta recipes on Closet Cooking and share them with you here in this roundup of these top pasta recipes! These recipes include some of the most pinned pasta recipes, some of my favourites along some of the most viewed! With the cooler days I have been enjoying noodles of all sorts in soups, casseroles and with hearty sauces but lets not forget some of the lighter pasta dishes! If you are looking for a tasty pasta meal, you can?y go wrong with one of these!

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