Pet Simulator 99 codes December 2023

December 3, 2023: We’ve had another good search for new Pet Simulator 99 codes and added words on what codes typically do in-game.

What are the new Pet Simulator 99 codes? If you’re extremely lucky (and timely), getting a bunch of free gems in Big Games’ latest pet collecting game can be as easy as typing a few letters into a box. As time goes on, though, we expect PS99 codes to become increasingly rare, perhaps even being tied solely to physical merch like plushies, lucky bags, and playsets. We’ve seen it happen before.

Pet Simulator 99 is the third Pet Simulator Roblox game Preston and his team have put out. Though it isn’t out to replace Pet Simulator X codes directly, it will be the one getting the big updates from now on. If leaving your old collection behind doesn’t sound fun to you, consider checking out Blade Ball codes or Blox Fruits codes instead.

New Pet Simulator 99 codes

Here are all the working Pet Simulator 99 codes we’ve found:

There are currently no free PS99 codes available to use. You can redeem any unused PSX merch codes in PS99.

Expired codes

  • No Pet Simulator 99 codes have expired just yet.

How do I redeem Pet Simulator 99 codes?

Redeeming Pet Simulator 99 codes is much easier than actually getting hold of them. To use PS99 codes, you just need to log into the game, tap the pet grid button at the bottom, and enter the store through the shopping cart icon that appears in its place.

From there, just scroll all the way down to the bottom of the store screen. You’ll see a banner with a Redeem button in the corner. Tap that.

On the screen that appears, type a working Pet Simulator 99 code into the box and hit the big green ‘Redeem!’ button to claim your rewards.

How to get more Pet Simulator 99 codes

Pet Simulator 99 codes can be found in a variety of places. The BIG Games Discord is the safest bet, with new codes likely to arrive in the Announcements or Update-log channels — or wherever the team posts patch notes and other similar updates.

The BIG Games Twitter page is another worthwhile place to look. You can set up notifications there to be the first to get new codes. You’ll just get pings for non-code posts, too. Individual developers could also post codes on their respective Twitter pages, so you’ll have to sift through a lot to find what you’re after. That’s why this page exists.

Lastly, Pet Simulator 99 codes are likely to come with physical merch for the game. Pet Simulator X merch in your local toy store will work, as well as any bought through the BIG Games Pet Simulator 99 website. They’ll likely sell out very quickly, though.

Can I transfer PSX pets to PS99?

Yes! You don’t have to start Pet Simulator 99 from scratch if you put time into Pet Simulator X. Just follow our Pet Simulator 99 pet transfer guide to carry over your valuable Huge, Titanic, and Exclusive pets and eggs.

Something that won’t transfer is your Diamond wallet, so you might want to learn how to get diamonds fast in Pet Simulator 99 as well. That way you’ll unlock all the pet slots and various other upgrades you’ll need to make the most of your old buddies.

What do Pet Simulator 99 codes do?

PS99 codes play the same role in Pet Simulator 99 as they did in Pet Simulator X.

Limited-time plushies reward the corresponding pet in-game, whereas gacha-style figures, eggs, and plushies come with an Epic, legendary, or exclusive dlc codes that can reward random pets from rare series.

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