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What are the best Minecraft castle ideas? Minecraft’s sprawling, procedurally generated landscapes lend themselves perfectly to the majesty of a castle build, be it in the snow, lush green mountains, or stony peaks. If you’re desperate to build your own castle but need some inspiration for its design, these blueprints, tutorials, and ideas are simple to download, easy to follow, and perfect for triggering inspiration.

So you’ve outgrown your Minecraft house, want something bigger, grander – and more ‘olde world’ than a fancy mansion. Some of these incredible Minecraft castle ideas should spark your creativity then, and range from mini fortresses to large, Victorian-style manors. There should be something here for every difficulty level, and most of these Minecraft designs fit into any of your favorite Minecraft biomes, too, but of course some look better in a specific setting.

So, whether you just want a small keep to hold up in, safe from the waves of creepers that come at night, or something more grand and imposing, here are the best Minecraft castle ideas with links to the blueprints to make things a bit easier. You can even build these designs next to your Minecraft tower or incorporate two designs to create an impenetrable fortress of solitude where you can live out your days by making Minecraft books or pottering around your nearby Minecraft farm.

Here are some of the best Minecraft castle blueprints and ideas:

Minecraft sky castle

We do have a mix of beginner and expert castle designs below, so don’t run off scared if this looks outside of your abilities (for now!), we just couldn’t resist starting our list off with this stunning creation from Twin Saw on YouTube. If you do want to give this a try, Twin Saw’s tutorial is super friendly, so we actually think you could even give it a shot as a fairly new Minecrafter, but take a look to see if you agree. We will warn you, though, it’s split into five parts because, well, it’s a pretty hefty task. Either way, we just recommend taking a look at the stunning build in the cinematic above, to show you just how marvellous your Minecraft builds can be.

YouTube Thumbnail

Minecraft Disney castle

Castles don’t come much more famous than the Disney castle, the iconic image that pops up at the start of every Disney movie and the backdrop to your most memorable holiday. If you want to build a replica of the Cinderella castle in Minecraft, then this tutorial by Bubbaflubba is the perfect copy, and somehow looks like it’s straight from an animation.

The reason we’ve chosen this build in particular, aside from how great it looks, is that you can download the Cinderella’s castle map on Planet Minecraft and go and have a decent look around, perhaps building your own from it. Cinderella’s castle is so big that most videos are just timelapses – this one included – so are hard to work from.

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Small Minecraft castle

If you’d rather follow a tutorial than work from a blueprint, this is a simple and easy small castle tutorial to follow courtesy of The Mythical Sausage, whose Minecraft farm ideas we also love.

It’s only 30 minutes to build, and if we’re honest, it looks more like an old stone church. Still, there’s lots of room to store items or build a workshop to store your Minecraft anvil and Minecraft grindstone. It’s also got lots of greenery and paintings, making it feel homely, complete with a small stable for your Minecraft horse.

A simple, small Minecraft castle built in a flat world, with nothing but grass and sky behind it.

Easy Minecraft castle

Ideal for busy Minecrafters looking to build a castle with relatively low resources. It, of course, has the added benefit of keeping creepers and other lurking hostile Minecraft mobs out and is just the right size to adorn the interior with all the home comforts you’ll need. Here’s the blueprint for this medieval Minecraft castle to make things a little easier.

With a single battlement, a large holding, and carved stone windows to hang your banners, we recommend digging a moat around the outside as the finishing touch – plus you’ll somewhere to take your Minecraft boat out for a paddle.

a large Minecraft castle over a valley, with a bridge connected the main building to a watch tower.

Large Minecraft castle timelapse

This magnificent castle build by wrldpaintn00b on reddit is the perfect starting place for inspiration if you’re looking to build a larger castle. From its majestic bridge, stunning stained glass windows, and incredibly detailed exterior, this castle is a true marvel. While the creator made the build in around 30 hours using World Edit, one of our favorite Minecraft mods, you could do the same or try and recreate a similar build in normal vanilla Minecraft – for a really tough challenge. While the timelapse isn’t a tutorial, you can download the castle map to have a look around for yourself.

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Medieval Minecraft castle

A classic and cozy castle with all the medieval trimmings, this deceptively spacious and intricately designed building by Crafty Build It is the perfect place to sit atop a hill overlooking a Minecraft village and pretend they’re all toiling away for you. With a remarkably easy-to-follow tutorial to boot, we think this could be the perfect starter castle for beginner builders – the perfect blend of simplicity and a complex appearance.

A mini Minecraft castle with flats flowing from two turrets.

Minecraft mini castle

If you’re strapped for time, this teeny tiny castle is perfect to set up quickly. It’s only three layers high, with two small towers and just enough room for a little Minecraft kitchen and a place to sleep. You can always add to it if you ever need more space, but start with the basic mini castle blueprint.

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Minecraft castle starter base

OK, don’t panic, this might look a bit complex for a starter base, but this easy Minecraft castle has everything you need to survive your earliest Minecraft days, while also being predominantly made of the most basic resources, so they’re easy to gather. If you’re worried, you can even start off by just building the small entrance area to keep yourself safe at night, and building up from there.

We love this build for its unique curved staircase and spacious interior, as well as the various outdoor segments to which you can add farms and other essential tools. If you’re feeling daring, you could even expand on Classy Kiwi’s original design when you’re ready.

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Japanese Minecraft castle

We simply love this beautiful Japanese-inspired castle design as it is. What makes this incredible tutorial even better though is that, once you’ve finished building, head back onto Cortezerino’s YouTube channel for the second part, which shows you how to build out an entire courtyard area at the base of your castle.

This is certainly a step up from some of the previous designs in this list so it’s not a build for the faint-hearted, and it requires a lot of materials if you’re thinking of building it in survival mode. If you do build it though, the satisfaction once you’re done and looking up at your own intricate Japanese castle makes it all worthwhile.

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Minecraft Corfe castle

This one is quite spectacular, and we don’t necessarily recommend you replicate it in your own world, but many great Minecraft ideas come from real world inspiration, and this Microsoft sponsored video from YouTuber Grian shows him reimagining the Corfe castle ruins, and building what he thinks it would have looked like in its heyday. Even if you don’t plan on building something this mammoth, we still recommend the interesting watch.

A working Minecraft castle gate shown with all of the redstone components.

How to build a working castle gate

It’s all well and good having a castle that looks the part, but do you want a castle gate that actually works? Like, trigger a mechanism, and it opens and shuts? It might sound like witchcraft, but luckily for us, there is a blueprint of a working version that you can pop onto your castle. It even comes with a lock to keep would-be invaders at bay while you’re gone.

This build does take a fair few Redstone-powered gadgets to work, so it may not be one to fully customize for those who aren’t quite used to crafting working technology, but a working gate that fits your castle will certainly make a great first impression when you show others around. Heck, you may learn how Redstone gadgets work just by making the gate.

And those are all of the coolest castles you can build in Minecraft, one of the best PC games. If you want something completely out of the ordinary, our pick of the best Minecraft builds feature all sorts of impressive designs to marvel at or try out for yourself. Alternatively, if you’re still into the castle idea but don’t have the motivation to build your own from scratch, you can always visit some of our favorite Minecraft maps featuring pre-made castles ready for you to explore.

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