MetroMitra Set To Revolutionise Auto Rickshaw Booking With Whatsapp Chatbot Feature

The Bengaluru-based auto rickshaw service, MetroMitra, is gearing up to introduce a Whatsapp chatbot feature in January 2024.

The service will streamline the process of booking rides to and from metro stations with just three clicks.

The forthcoming feature not only enhances last-mile connectivity to and from metro stations but also extends the convenience of booking auto rides to various destinations. Rudramurthy, the General Secretary of the Auto Rickshaw Drivers Union (ARDU), emphasised that the WhatsApp chatbot acts as a facilitator to connect auto-rickshaw drivers with their customers seamlessly, according to the report by Indian Express.

The fare structure for rides booked through the chatbot will be based on the meter reading, with an additional charge of Rs 10 for each ride. Initially, the plan was to integrate Namma Metro’s Whatsapp chatbot feature into MetroMitra to facilitate metro passengers in booking auto rides for last-mile connectivity alongside purchasing metro tickets. However, due to delays in integration by the Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL), MetroMitra decided to launch its independent chatbot feature.

Rudramurthy provided insights into the workings of the feature to Indian Express, stating, “The chatbot feature is a work in progress. We will soon conduct a pilot and launch the feature in the new year, enabling customers to book auto rides in three simple clicks. Similar to other Whatsapp chatbot features, users will be provided with a Whatsapp number to initiate the conversation for booking a ride. The chat feature will request the user’s current location and destination.”

He further explained that the chatbot would display a list of the nearest metro stations based on the user’s location. Once the user selects a metro station, the closest MetroMitra driver will be assigned to pick up the customer.

MetroMitra, supported by Agnibhu Technologies, has garnered approximately 1000 downloads and boasts an active driver base of 300 in Bengaluru. Rudramurthy shared plans for expanding the Whatsapp chatbot feature beyond metro stations, enabling users to book rides to a wide array of destinations, thereby significantly boosting the revenue of auto-rickshaw drivers.

The new chatbot feature will offer customers four different modes to avail of MetroMitra services, including the Whatsapp chatbot, QR code, street-hailing, and booking through a web portal.

As MetroMitra paves the way for a more convenient and efficient auto rickshaw booking experience, it is poised to become a game-changer in urban transportation in Bengaluru.

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