How To Find The Best Property Mentor

We consider property training to be any of the following:

– Reading a book
– Watching a video
– Listening to a podcast
– Reading a blog
– Attending a webinar
– Attending a live, in-person event

Property training is when you are learning about the ins and outs of the various property investing strategies that are available. It’s when you’re acquiring knowledge that you didn’t have before.

If you’re asking “How to invest in property?” or searching for that on Google you need to do some property training courses before finding a property mentor/property coach.

However, remember that property training is not the same as property mentorship or having a property mentor.

Obviously we are biassed, but we say YES, property training courses are worth it. As long as you choose to learn from the best and most legitimate property education company.

Some people can do it alone, and these people will shout from the rooftops that you DON’T need to attend a property training course.

However, you should ask these people, “How many properties do you have in your portfolio?”, “How long have you been investing for?”. Nine times out of ten, their portfolios are small and it’s taken them YEARS to get to that stage.

Property training courses reveal the strategies that can help you achieve your financial goals in months, not years, and catapult your portfolio much faster with less risk.

Getting educated reduces risk. Courses equip you with the knowledge, skills and techniques that can save you A LOT of time and money and give you the confidence and peace of mind to do so.

A property mentor is someone who is an expert, professional property investor. Property isn’t their hobby, they don’t have one or two buy-to-lets, but instead have been investing in property for years, probably decades and have a property empire, worth millions.

Property investing is their profession, they don’t work another job, they don’t do property on the side, they are financially independent and work for themselves in their property business.

Property mentors aren’t just an expert in one property strategy, but instead, multiple property strategies and have a wide range of knowledge, skills and experience in all of them.

A property mentorship is different to property training, this isn’t where you learn about a specific strategy, but instead when you receive ongoing accountability and support from your mentor. They will also answer your questions and help you overcome the challenges you face when you are out in the world, implementing the strategies you learned during the property training.

It’s best to have completed property training and have a good level of knowledge about property investing before getting a property mentor.

We would recommend doing thorough research before committing yourself to a property mentor.

Make sure you deep dive into their background, strategies of expertise, how long they have been investing for and the size of their property portfolio.

There has been an increase in “property gurus” on social media and a lot of them aren’t up to standard. These people have only been property investors a few months or years, yet claim to be experts.

If you want to find a true property mentor, then we recommend you do the following:

– Go to property training events (your future mentor could be teaching a course as a property trainer).

– Go to networking events and deep dive into people’s background and experience.

– Read property books and decide if you feel the author is a true expert and someone who offers mentoring.

– Listen to property investing podcasts and decide the same.

– Watch property YouTube videos and decide the same.

Again we’re biassed, but we have to say that Progressive Property is the best property investing education provider in the UK.

If you don’t believe us, watch our testimonials and read our reviews.

For over 15 years, we have taught THOUSANDS of ordinary people to achieve their financial goals, quit their 9-5 job, become their own boss and create the life they always dreamed of by becoming property investors.

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