Holiday Recipes – Closet Cooking

The best recipes for the perfect holiday food from breakfasts, to snacks, dinner, sides and dessert!

The holidays are coming!

For me the holidays are all about family, friends and good food so I like to have a lot of recipes on hand for everything from breakfasts to snacks and appetizers to the all important dinner main course to the sides and the desserts. Every holiday deserves to start out on the right foot with a special, tasty and hearty breakfast or brunch to get you through the day. Whether you are hosting the holiday or you are a guest you are going to need some tasty treats to get you through the afternoon and of course holiday cookies are on the menu but don’t forget to include some savoury appetizers as well! For the the centre piece of your dinner it’s always nice to do a roast like prime rib, ham or turkey but you can always go with something a little easier. I always have plenty of fun with the sides for the dinner as there are just so many tasty ways to go! Lets not forget the dessert, just in case someone has room leftover for it! I Hope that some of these recipe ideas will help make your holidays a little more tasty!

If you still don’t have your holiday baking finished, don’t worry there is still plenty of time. Check out my Holiday Cookie Guide for some new ideas!

If you are looking for some Homemade Holiday Food Gifts, I have some of those as well!

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