Festive Feasting for Felines 101 (Hint: Just Add Gravy!)

The season of festive feasting is upon us – bring on the turkey, stuffing, pies, sides, and sweet treats. (And, naturally, the comfy sweats!) The real star of many a groaning holiday table though? Gravy. It’s all about the gravy, in our opinion. What’s more, it’s not just us humans who think so. Our feline friends appreciate the joys of a glorious gravy too, making this the perfect time to share the festive feelings with them with a range of gravies for cats, crafted especially to nourish both body and soul.

Why Gravy for Cats? Why Not!

It is a truth universally acknowledged to man – and domesticated beast – that everything tastes better with gravy. (Show us a pet or person that doesn’t love gravy, and we’ll show you a flying pig!)

Just like we relish the added umami flavor and richness of gravy on our mashed potatoes, turkey, and peas, cats too have a soft spot for this savory treat.

Of course, our salt-laden gravies are not the answer to your feline’s flavor cravings. But that doesn’t mean they need to go without. RAWZ understands not only the feline fascination for gravies, but also the nutritional needs of cats like none other and have designed a range of gravies which answers to both.

Taking Gravy to the Next Level

This holiday season RAWZ is introducing a range of bone broth gravies designed specifically for cats. But these gravies are not your ordinary cat condiment – they are a fusion of flavors, textures, and nutrients that will leave your cat purring for more.

Here’s why RAWZ Bone Broth Gravies are a game-changer for feline feasting:

Bone Broth for Nutrient-Rich Hydration

What really makes RAWZ cat gravies stand out is the inclusion of bone broth, offering nutrient-rich hydration. More than this, bone broth is known for its ability to support joint health, aid digestion, and boost the immune system.

In short, this wholesome addition to your cat’s diet is not just about pandering to your cat’s fascination with flavor; it’s about promoting their overall health and well-being too.

Minced Meat for Unique Texture and High Protein Content

RAWZ gravies are enriched with minced meat, providing a unique texture that cat’s love, as well as high protein content which is key to keeping these obligate carnivores healthy and happy.

Diverse Recipes with Top-Quality Fish and Beef

RAWZ spoils your cat for choice with five diverse recipes featuring top-quality fish and beef. From ocean delights to hearty beef, to succulent chicken, there’s a flavor for every feline palate.

Nutritionally Complete, Balanced Diet

These gravies aren’t just a treat; they offer a nutritionally complete and balanced diet to keep your cat full of vitality and vigor.

The Season of Sharing

Need one more reason to add RAWZ Bone Broth Gravies to your cat’s bowl? RAWZ donates 100% of its profits to organizations providing service dogs, spinal cord, and brain injury services. So, while your cat enjoys a luxurious meal, you’re also contributing to a worthy cause during a season (and beyond) where not everybody has reason to celebrate.

Gravy undoubtedly adds an extra layer of enjoyment, turning an ordinary meal into a culinary delight – whether that meal is for pets or their people. To keep those whiskers happy and healthy during the holiday season and beyond, though, it is important to choose a gravy for cats that not only satisfies their taste buds but also nurtures their health with each nourishing bowl. RAWZ more than fits the bill.

Take feline nutrition to the next level with RAWZ Bone Both Gravies for cats

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