Fantastic 9/10 space sandbox game gets festive in free holiday update

Astroneer never fails to put a smile on my face, and that’s only enhanced by the arrival of the holiday season. The delightful base-building adventure nails that feeling of space exploration and adventure of games like No Man’s Sky and Starfield with a more careful, crafted sense of progression and tech upgrades in the vein of Factorio, Terraria, or Satisfactory. Played by yourself or together with friends as a co-op game, I’ll take any excuse to go back to Astroneer, and the Project Cheer delivery event is just such a reason.

For those of you not yet accustomed to Astroneer, it starts off with that simple gathering and building loop seen in the likes of Minecraft or Terraria, but as you build and research your tech further you’ll need to explore other planets in its solar system to get your hands on other essential resources. It’s a more cultivated, curated alternative to No Man Sky’s vast, more procedural universe, and sits alongside it as one of the best space sandbox games on PC.

Already a personal favorite of mine, developer System Era Softworks gave Atroneer a big upgrade back in June with the launch of the huge Astroneer Custom Games update, giving you more control than ever before over how you play. Now, as we turn our calendars over to December and the first snow falls outside my window, it’s time to cozy up inside with the Astroneer Project Cheer delivery event.

During the event, your oxygen tethers will be decorated with colorful festive lights and you’ll be able to send off all manner of goods using the EXO Request Platform – if you’ve already got your base up and running, you’ve probably got one of these, but if not it can be printed for just two pieces Resin and one of Ceramic, so you’re not going to be hard-pressed to get it going. Cosmic Baubles and the Astral Figurines found on Glacio are your best bet, but you can also turn in Cubic Objects, Stellar Objects, and Automaton 001s and 002s.

Once you’ve built up enough reward points, you can cash them in for various packages. The Holiday Throwback Bundle is a great way to catch up on cosmetics from previous events, and then there’s a new Rockstar Palette and a Cage Suit up for grabs. As you turn in requests, you’ll also get supply packages with all manner of resources and items such as Jet Packs, EXO Chips, and the very handy endless, fuel-free QT-RTG power generators.

The Astroneer Project Cheer delivery event is live from Saturday, December 2, 2023 through Tuesday, January 16, 2024. You can find Astroneer on Steam or the Microsoft Store, and it’s also available to play for free via the Xbox app if you’re a subscriber to Microsoft’s PC Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate services.

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