Excellent 2016 Steam indie game gets free, official demake and sale

A free Furi demake has been released by the exceptional indie game’s developer on Steam, letting you relive the glory of the bullet hell boss rush action game in a classic 8-bit inspired fight. The original game is also having a massive sale, so you can snag it for next to nothing if 3D action is more your thing.

Furi is one of the all-time great indie games. The premise is simple: you need to escape prison by fighting bosses back to back in a mix of close-quarters and ranged combat, all while contending with the chaotic bullet hell of each boss. Developer The Game Bakers hit on something really special with Furi, and now you can get the game cheap in a Steam sale, all while playing an 8-bit demake of the game for free.

First up, you can check out the free Furi demake below, which turns The Chain’s boss fight into a 2D retro experience, music, sound effects, and all.

I took the Furi demake for a spin and can safely say it absolutely rips. It might just be one boss fight and use movement, one attack, and a dodge, but it feels as smooth as a knife through butter. If you already love Furi, or want a quick taste of what the original 3D version of the game is about, this lovingly crafted demake is for you.

It looks and sounds excellent, and includes a handful of modern ideas and features (like a camera that automatically zooms in) to help the 8-bit nature of the game feel like anything but. Again, this might be an incredibly short experience but it’s lovingly crafted and something you should check out, Furi fan or not.

If you want to try out Furi for yourself too, you can currently nab the original game for a whopping 60% off until Saturday, December 9. You can expect to pay $7.99 / £6.70. We called Furi one of the best games of 2016 back in the day, and it has a very positive rating of 91% on Steam from nearly 9,000 user reviews, so it’s a solid bet.

You can find the free Furi demake here, and get the original game for 60% off right here as well.

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