Dermatologist’s most effective way to keep your skin ‘youthful, plump and line-free’

Dr Abha Gulati, consultant dermatologist at The Harley Street Dermatology Clinic, said: “I would recommend women listen to their skin to guide their product choices.

“Throughout our lives our skin changes with our environment, the weather, hormones, age, stress and wellbeing. Suitable products need not be expensive or high-end.

“The key is to read the ingredients and follow the science. Many excellent over-the-counter ranges by Cerave, Bioderma, Cetaphil and La Roche Posay contain effective formulations.”

According to the expert, sun exposure is the leading cause of sun ageing and sun damage, so it is important to use sunscreen.

The dermatologist said sunscreens are the “most effective way of keeping your skin youthful, plump and line-free.”

It is important to be sun smart all year round, and even be cautious on bright winter days.

The expert continued: “It is important to apply it after your moisturiser every day on areas exposed to the sun from March to September.

“The fairer your skin, the higher the protection you must use and those with acne rosacea can be particularly sun sensitive.

“Many sunscreens contain additional ingredients to support different types of skin needs, such as oil-free, anti-pigmentation, additional AHAs and anti-ageing ingredients that can reduce the number of products you need to apply each day which will ultimately reduce costs and save time.”

Regular application of a high factor SPF of at least 30 is your “best weapon” against the photo ageing effects of ultraviolet B and will help to reduce dry and thinning skin.

What’s more, regularly using sunscreen will also help to protect against skin cancer.

Make sure to pick one with five stars of UVA protection to give the highest levels of defence.

The expert added: “If your skin is starting to feel dry or itchy in the winter, swap your usual soap or shower gel for a mild soap substitute and fragrance-free products.

“The products that most dermatologists recommend are simple fragrance-free moisturisers.

“Creams such as Doublebase, Cetraben, Diprobase and ointments such as Vaseline. I also recommend washing with Aqueous cream or Dermol in place of soap as it is not an irritant at all.”

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