Dead Island and Dying Light 2 dev making new “open world action RPG”

Dying Light 2 continues to expand with countless collaborations and a development team dedicated to rolling content out post-launch. With a variety of big names under its belt, such as Dead Island and Dying Light, developer Techland isn’t solely improving upon its 2022 zombie parkour sequel, though. Thanks to a recently listed job offer, we now know that the team has a brand-new game in the works, a fantastical open-world ARPG.

That’s right, the studio behind iconic horror games like Dying Light 2 has a new project in the works, and it sounds as though it’ll differ from other Techland entries. The developer’s latest job listing offers our first look at the unknown game, as Techland searches for a new junior writer and other creative developers to help “create unforgettable experiences.”

The dev explains that the team is not only “continuously growing the world of Dying Light through a robust post-launch support plan for Dying Light 2” but is also working on an open-world ARPG “set in a brand new fantasy universe.” Techland then refers to this mysterious action RPG as its “biggest project to date.”

While the studio doesn’t say much else in its advertisement about the ARPG, it’s exciting to hear that the project takes place in an entirely new universe. It could be the same one discussed in the dev’s first fantasy RPG announcement in 2022, but Techland hasn’t confirmed as much or detailed whether or not “fantasy” refers to its unannounced game’s genre or simply its fictional elements.

This is certainly no Dead Island or Dying Light 3, though. As the job offer is specific to writers, I’m hoping that it’s a sign the action RPG will be more story-driven than Techland’s previous games. As our own Dying Light 2 review states, the team’s most recent release was an initially disappointing one when compared to the 10/10 original. With poor storytelling and repetitive side content, parkour can only carry a game so far.

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