‘Creamiest’ scrambled eggs recipe without butter or milk

An expert has shared a recipe for the “creamiest” scrambled eggs without using cream, milk or butter. This is perfect if you’re trying to watch your weight in the New Year.

Adding cream, milk, or butter to your eggs makes them creamy and tasty. But there’s a way to make guilt-free scrambled eggs that are just as good.

One expert says it’s not about the heat of the pan, but about steam, time, and the type of pan you use.

James from the food blog Fork and Twist shared this clever tip. He says the secret to perfect scrambled eggs is all in the technique. Here’s the recipe for creamy scrambled eggs.

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Recipe for creamy scrambled eggs without milk or butter

Many have claimed that the pan’s heat or the stirring technique is crucial for perfect scrambled eggs. However, James dismisses these ideas as unhelpful. He revealed: “Here’s the secret: steam and time. Set a heat-proof bowl over a saucepan with an inch and a half of simmering water in the bottom and gently scramble the eggs.”

This method might ring a bell if you’ve ever melted chocolate on the stove. It’s key to let the water in the bowl get hotter than usual.

Once the water is hot enough, James says it’s easy to “gently cook the eggs slowly until they become thick, creamy and scrambled”. This trick works best when scrambling three or more eggs, with a low water level and ensuring the bowl doesn’t touch the water.

The water should be simmering, not boiling, as the eggs cook. According to James, stirring should be minimal at first, but once the eggs thicken and scramble, they need stirring to prevent overcooking. He emphasised that the eggs must not be left alone towards the end of cooking.

He went on to say: “These need a good amount of attention towards the end. Do not leave these unattended as they will more than likely overcook.”

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