Caramelised carrots recipe is ‘to die for’ and ‘easy’ to make in just 20 minutes

Just like with so many other vegetables, carrots can be cooked in many different ways. However, boiled seems to be the most popular method.

While carrots taste delicious being cooked this way, a Michelin-trained chef has shared an improved way to cook them – roasted, but not in the oven.

Sharing her recipe on TikTok, Poppy O’Toole captioned the video: “Honey-roasted carrots in the air fryer.”

She said: “I have been a chef for over 10 years working in fine dining restaurants, all that jazz, proper posh stuff. And when I tell you that I am converted to an air fryer… it’s such a good bit of kit. So this is my honey-roasted carrots. Super simple, super easy.”

To cook carrots using Poppy’s method, you want to start by cutting the ends of the carrots, peeling them and cutting them in half.

Once done, put the carrots in the air fryer to cook for 10 minutes at 180 degrees.

While the carrots were cooking in the air fryer, the chef grabbed a microwave-safe bowl and added some honey and butter with some salt and pepper to it before putting it in the microwave for one minute to melt.

Once the carrots are cooked, put them into the bowl with the honey and butter to coat them.

Then put the carrots back into the air fryer for a further 10 minutes – still at 180 degrees.

Showing her followers the final results, Poppy said: “Forget your round little soggy carrots, we’ve got delicious, soft, crispy, sweet, sticky caramelised carrots.

“They look like something out of a gastro pub. Look at them. They’re beautiful.”

Taking to the comments section, TikTok users have shared their opinions on this recipe.

@sara223 wrote: “Omg wow! I just made these yesterday. They are to die for!”

@yvonneconnell said: “I made these and they were absolutely delicious, thank you. I did parsnips the same with them.”

@joannepunshon201 commented: “I tried these last night and they were amazing. Very quick and easy.”

@hull_26g added: “I’ve been having these for years but we also add a teaspoon of fresh fine-grated ginger to the honey and butter.”

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