Best Zenless Zone Zero Anby build

What is the best ZZZ Anby build? As you’re putting together the best Zenless Zone Zero build, you should consider every character in your arsenal. As a gacha game though, ZZZ can sometimes limit your choices. Luckily, those characters you unlock through the early story mode can be some of the best – with the right build.

As one of the Cunning Hares, Anby is one of the first ZZZ characters you unlock in the anime game. The skilled fighter offers a perfect contrast to her Zenless Zone Zero teammates with her monotonous and often robotic way of speaking, but her personality shines as she regularly quotes movies to narrate her current situation. As for her fighting though, Anby is an Electric Anomaly user, able to stun enemies with her special skills, and this is the best ZZZ Anby build to capitalize on that.

The best ZZZ Anby build

The best Zenless Zone Zero Anby build is:

  • W-Engine: Demara Battery Mark II (A-Rank)
  • Disk Drives:
    • Thunder Metal (two-piece set)
    • Freedom Blues (four-piece set)

Best ZZZ Anby W-Engine

W-Engine Effects
 Demara Battery Mark II Electric Damage is increased by 15%. Gain 2.7 Energy when a Dodge Counter hits an enemy. This effect can trigger once every five seconds.

As an Electric Attribute user, it’s fairly obvious why the Demara Battery Mark II is a great choice of W-Engine for Anby, as it increases damage dealt by her electric skills by 15%. Many of the W-Engines are even named to match their best suited characters and the Demara Battery is named after Anby Demara herself, so you know Hoyoverse intended this W-Engine to be used with her.

Best ZZZ Anby Disk Drives

Disk Drive Effects
Thunder Metal (two-piece set) +10% Electric damage
Freedom Blues (four-piece set) +20 Attribute Mastery and increase damage caused by Attribute Anomaly by 30%. When an EX Special Attack hits an enemy, reduce the target’s Attribute Anomaly Resistance to the corresponding attribute by 30% for eight seconds. This effect does not stack with others of the same attribute.

To add to the 15% increased Electric damage from the Damara Battery Mark II W-Engine, we’ve given Anby the Thunder Metal two-piece Disk Drive set, adding an additional 10% Electric damage.

For Anby’s remaining four Disk Drive slots, there is no better choice than the Freedom Blues four-piece set. Attribute Anomaly debuffs are passively inflicted by all characters after attacking with Attribute damage enough times. The amount of damage dealt by these attacks is impacted by the character’s Attribute Mastery, one of Anby’s weakest stats.

The four-piece Freedom Blues set not only increases Anby’s Mastery by 20, and the damage caused by Attribute Anomaly by 30%, but also reduces the target’s Attribute Anomaly resistance by 30% when hit with an EX Special Attack. Anby’s Ex Special attack is one of her best skills, and these combined buffs turn her Attribute from one of her worst stats to among her best.

When selecting Zenless Zone Zero Disk Drives, if you have any duplicates and are having trouble choosing, be sure to check the random base stat boost of each. For Nicole, your best general choice is any Disk Drive that increases HP, attack, or crit rate, as these are her weakest areas. With this particular build, though, you might want to keep an eye out for Disk Drives that boost defense to give even more power to that W-Engine. On top of all of this, don’t forget to level up and promote Nicole to boost her base stats as much as possible.

In order to fulfill the best Zenless Zone Zero Nicole build, be sure to participate in the latest ZZZ banners, as duplicate Nicole pulls give you Agent Profiles to unlock her passive talents. To get more Signal Searches, check out our guide on how to earn more Zenless Zone Zero Film, and participate in current ZZZ events for even more rewards. If you’re struggling to choose who else to have on your team, check our Zenless Zone Zero tier list to find out who’s best of the best.

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