Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield are two of 2023’s longest games

Baldur’s Gate 3 is unsurprisingly one of this year’s longest games. You can spend hours upon hours in the character creation alone, let alone in the first act or the entire game itself. The multi-crowned GOTY has story galore to offer, with countless nooks and crannies available to explore as well. It isn’t the only lengthy 2023 experience though, with other massive entries topping the list alongside Larian Studios’ stellar RPG, including Betehsda’s own Starfield.

If you’re wondering which position Larian Studios’ RPG holds, it’s come in second right behind Nintendo’s latest Legend of Zelda entry, Tears of the Kingdom. Baldur’s Gate 3 averages out at 105 hours of playtime, just five less than the number one game. Right behind it is yet another multi-platform hit sequel, Octopath Traveler 2, at just 80 hours. That’s quite a far drop in time played, but it’s still a lot.

The list from IGN, which excludes “endless titles” or games that can be played on and on (I’m looking at you, Skyrim), then shows Starfield after Octopath. Bethesda’s immense interstellar game comes in at 65 hours, which again, isn’t nearly as much as Larian Studios’ record time, but is still a lot. For perspective, it’s almost three whole days. The next PC game to make an appearance is Hogwarts Legacy at 46 hours, and then Diablo 4 at 41.

Finally, we have the recent soulslike Lies of P make the longest-played list, coming in ninth place with 37 hours. The final game is a similarly difficult one, Koei Tecmo’s Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, with only 35 hours as its average playtime. Considering all of these numbers, especially when lined up against that of the second-place entry, it’s no wonder that Baldur’s Gate 3 won GOTY more than once.

For those of you who haven’t yet experienced the joys of Larian Studios’ DnD-inspired RPG, there is currently a Baldur’s Gate 3 sale that should soften the blow if price is a concern. In my opinion, the Game of the Year is worth a look from fans spanning all genres and gaming interests. This rings especially true as it’s up for more impressive title wins at the 2024 BAFTA Games Awards.

If you’re wondering what the greatest entries overall were, check out our personal best PC games of the year 2023. We may surprise you with a few of our picks, but Baldur’s Gate 3 and its number one position are a no-brainer. You can browse through a few of our most highly anticipated upcoming PC games as well if you’re looking for new experiences.

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