Bajaj Vector Trademark Filed in India, Here’s What to Expect from E-scooter

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Last Updated: December 28, 2023, 16:11 IST

Representational image. (Photo: Husqvarna)

The company also did not share any launch related details about the e-scooter as of now. But, some reports say that it might drop some hints in the upcoming weeks or months.

Bajaj Auto has been increasing its battery-powered lineup in India. To offer a wide range of e-scooters, the company is likely to release a futuristic product for Indian customers. It has been reported that the company has already filed the trademark for an upcoming e-scooter, and is likely to be known as Vector.

However, it is not confirmed yet whether it will be called by the same name or not. The company also did not share any concrete details about the same as of now,  But, some reports say that it might drop some hints in the upcoming weeks or months.

Upcoming Bajaj E-scooter

Ahead of official launch, a similar-looking e-scooter was spotted during the testing phase, revealing the overall design and some of the key features. If rumors are to be believed, Bajaj’s upcoming scooter might share similar styling cues as the one, which was spied. It will come with a futuristic design, and will offer some cutting-edge technology with robust features.


Talking about the physical appearance, if launched, customers might get to see a proper LED headlight setup, single seating arrangement, and LED indicators on the sides, paired with an LED tailamp. The battery-powered scooter will also feature a Bluetooth-enabled high-quality display, which will allow the riders to monitor some two-wheeler-related important information such as battery capacity, speed, RPM, time, and whatnot.

Inspired by Husqvarna’s Vektorr?

Some speculation also revealed that the upcoming Vector is likely to be a rebadged version of Husqvarna’s Vektorr, which was unveiled as a concept in 2021. It is expected that the company might drop products with similar battery setups, features, and specs in the Indian market.

Meanwhile, as the EV segment in the country is going through a massive transformation, customers started giving more priority to battery-powered vehicles than ICE models

Speaking about the EVs journey in 2023, Godawari Electric Motors CEO Hyder Khan says, “The EV segment has managed to bounce back from the FAME hiccup and registered positive growth. The charging infrastructure continues to see positive progress but it still needs all the stakeholders to come together and alleviate the anxiety about EV ownership and better EV adoption.”

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