Analyst Lark Davis Forecasts Major Growth for Chainlink in 2024, Near Protocol Reaches 2023 Peak, Meme Moguls’ Value Skyrockets

Lark Davis, a crypto analyst, has predicted that Chainlink will give shocking price gains in 2024. Adding to the latest market news, Near Protocol has reached a new 2023 high. Meanwhile, Meme Moguls price has shown bullish momentum since the beginning of its presale. It is among the top altcoins on analysts’ watch list.

In a YouTube video, crypto expert Lark Davis shared his positive outlook for Chainlink (LINK) in 2024. According to Davis, Chainlink has significant usage and partnerships but is underappreciated. He noted that big investors are taking an interest in ChainLink.

One expression of this interest is the Grayscale Chainlink Trust, whose price is currently over 200 % higher than THE normal LINK price. Davis pointed out that Chainlink’s importance as infrastructure for applications across the range of crypto and blockchain usage attracts investors.

Another development, said Davis, is Chainlink’s cross-chain interoperability protocol (CCIP). On the weekly chart, Chainlink coin’s price range is from $13.73 to $15.46 at present time. The token, which has gained by 150.6% since its December close last year, could be about to increase further in the coming months.

Near Protocol (NEAR) Reaches 440-Day High 

Near Protocol (NEAR) price skyrocketed in December after breaking out from long- and short-term horizontal resistances. So far, Near Protocol crypto has increased by 80% in December. This price rally has led to a 440-day high of $3.50 on December 21st. 

Near Protocol is bullish on all time frames. The token’s price has increased by 77.8% in the past week. Also, it showed monthly and yearly gains of 77.8% and 162.5% on the price chart. Additionally, data from CoinMarketCap revealed Near Protocol’s market cap and trading volume is also on the rise.

The recent rise in price and trading activity for the DeFi project is a sign of growing interest among investors. Should NEAR close above the $3.55 resistance level, it could rise to the next resistance point at $5.

Meme Moguls (MGLS) Price Surge With 20x Gains Ahead 

While Chainlink and Near Protocol set the crypto sector ablaze, Meme Moguls (MGLS) have been on a price rally. The DeFi coin price has surged to $0.0025. Still, analysts believe a 20x gain is on the way. Apart from bullish price movements, let’s see what else Meme Moguls offers.

Meme Moguls combine the entertainment of a memecoin with a play-to-earn token. This creates a practical token with utility. Notably, this “DeFi project” has ambitions to outperform other meme coins using the gaming sector. Meme Moguls has an innovative gaming environment that also serves as an educational platform. 

This space allows users to explore investing and wealth-building in a simulated environment. Players start with a virtual balance of $100,000, encouraging them to develop and test their investment strategies. 

This interactive experience offers real-world investment insights and opens players to various techniques and uncovering new financial opportunities. Guess the exciting part? Profits earned in these simulated challenges can be transformed into actual coins, which players can withdraw anytime.

The game places a cap of 20% on investment to encourage diverse investment approaches. Players cannot allocate more than 20% of their virtual portfolio to any single asset. This strategy promotes a more balanced and strategic investment method within the game. Meanwhile, Meme Moguls MGLS DeFi coin price is currently at $0.0025 with a 20x gain on the way.


The recent price movements and predictions in 2023 show that 2024 would be an excellent time for the crypto industry. As a result, investors should look to top altcoins like Chainlink, Meme Moguls, and Near Protocol for massive gains. 

Meanwhile, apart from Meme Moguls‘ 20x price prediction, the platform offers other utilities. They include staking rewards, access to NFTs, and lots more.

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