A Valorant fan favorite feature is finally returning, but not for long

Hop into your group chats and assemble your teams, as the Squad Boost feature is back in Valorant through the rest of December and into January. If you’ve still got weapon skins, titles, and sprays to earn, Riot Games’ early Christmas present will help you wrap up the Evolution: Act 3 battle pass when playing with friends or strangers you group up with.

“DM this to the group chat. Squad Boost is back,” the official Valorant X/Twitter account announced with an image detailing the event. Running from December 5 to January 4, the Squad Boost will offer different experience bonuses based on how many friends you have with you this time around: an +8% increase of XP for playing with one other friend, a +12% increase for playing in a group of three, +16% with a group of four, and +20% with a full squad of five. It’s the perfect opportunity to get back into the competitive FPS game.

Quite often friend groups drop off and move onto other games – it happens. You can also pair up with people you meet in game, and if you’re not a sweaty Valorant player but still want these XP bonuses, never fear: all game modes except custom games will grant the bonuses, so you can hop into Swiftplay or Unrated in order to practice the kit of the most recent agent Iso without getting yelled at to get good – probably.

Maybe you’ve stuck with Valorant all along or you’re coming back after a long break, either way, before jumping in, check out the most recent changes from the 7.08 patch. And maybe you want to update your crosshair to match your favorite esports team or streamer. It might help you finally get out of silver tier! Thankfully, our guide lists the best crosshair codes available.

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